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I haven’t been blogging much lately due to my awesome experience to one of the nicest place I have longed to go since young! Yes, its none other than Australia.

As a lady that have very much hit the mid-twenty crisis, I am really not ashamed to tell the world that this is my very first time travelling to Australia. Unlike the children nowadays, my parents can barely afford to bring the whole family overseas. In my childhood memory, the only place i went with my family was Genting Highlands! It was already luxurious to us then!

I can hardly tell you how happy and overjoyed I am when i first booked that tickets and started researching on my free and easy trip 3 months back! It feels good to have a sense of satisfaction when i fulfilled my long term childhood dream of travelling to Australia. I worked hard and I saved up to fulfill for my childhood dream!

My childhood dream was to travel to Australia with the Kangaroos and Koala! How about yours?

I am now searching for my next dream to fulfill..

Dream a little dream…because there is no dream that is ridiculous or nonsensical. Follow your dream and never lose heart! In everything you do, believe in yourself and those who love you will support your dream!

The sense of satisfaction and achievement is beyond words and imagination. You only live once so live that to the fullest. Maximise your potentials!

Be blessed everyday of your lives!